Are You Being Watched?

Whilst we may be used to having cameras watching our every move nowadays, George Orwell’s vision of the future may be coming to life in more unseen ways as well.

Camera technology has made leaps and bounds in recent decades. Very small format cameras and lenses have become ubiquitous with the rise of mobile phones, and now a camera and it’s associated circuitry can operate in a really tiny space.

If you are happy to forego some quality,then the space required can be reduced even further.

So, with the improvements in technology, what applications are benefitting?

Of course, mobile devices really benefit, and if you are in the market for a new phone then you should head over to and check out the latest reviews for the newest phones.

However, if you have booked your holiday, and you’re heading abroad, then you may want to consider something else.

Once you’ve got all the holiday opinions and booked your dream vacation, there’s something a little more sinister that I want you to consider.

Hotel Cameras

More and more often, it is being reported that cameras are being hidden in hotel rooms to capture the comings and going and private lives of the rooms’ residents.

The phenomenon was first reported in China and now appears to be on the rise throughout the world.

Recently, CNN reported that 1,600 hotel guests in South Korea were being live streamed without their knowledge.

And it’s not just hotel rooms. A couple on a Carnival cruise ship recently found a camera in their room whilst at sea.

So the problem is widespread and not contained just just hotel rooms.

Obviously the question about who is doing this is going to be a difficult one to answer, and a question that will have many different answers depending on where in the world you are.

More relevant for ordinary people is how can you tell that there is a camera in your room?

Ways To Find Hidden Cameras

Well, as it happens there is a way to detect hidden cameras in your room.

Three ways exist to check your room.

First, and most exciting is lens detection, usually using infrared light.

Secondly, you can employ radio frequency detection to find transmitters in the room.

Thirdly, you can do a physical detection, which would involve searching the room.

Detecting The Cameras

Thankfully there are now devices on the market that will help you with the first two options.

Powerful infrared lights can be used to scan the room. The hidden camera lens will reflect the infrared and become visible on camera.

You can, incidentally, use your smartphone to do exactly this.

Radio frequency detectors will also be able to locate the source of transmissions within your room, but may not be as specific as the lens detection.

Lastly, you should know that there are common places that cameras are hidden, and you should perform your own physical check of light switches, sockets, plants and air conditioning vents.… Read More..

7 Things to Consider Before Getting a Gaming Monitor

Most people do not consider there is a distinction between a regular monitor and a gaming monitor. Although both are similar in certain aspects such as screen ratio, resolution, and size; several differences tell them apart.  For one, a gaming monitor is exclusively demanded to get a better gaming experience. A regular monitor is an everyday monitor for your everyday tasks.

Other differentiating factors would be a gaming monitor powered by high-end graphics cards with excellent gameplay has a higher refresh rate, response time, visual quality, and gaming operation than a regular monitor. Now imagine having your new graphics card upgraded in a regular monitor, it would be as if you were using a black and white TV in an age of increasing technology – a waste of time and graphics. Checking on the opinions of gamers on, the following are 7 things you must consider before getting a gaming monitor.

1.                  Size of Screen/display

Size matters a lot in what should inform the purchase of your gaming monitor. Recommended size through customer reviews is about 27 inches or higher regardless of how you position your chair.

2.                  Price and Budget

Similarly, the price of a gaming monitor is proportional to the size. This means; the higher the size of the screen, the higher the price. But you get the value for your money when you start feeling the range and display that make for an immersive gaming experience.

3.                  Purpose and Use

What you can have is ideally influenced by how much you can sacrifice to get it and what you need it for. Everything boils down to your budget and purpose. If you are a competitive player, you’ll need a monitor that matches your avidness. If not you can always go for anyone of your choice.

4.                  Responsiveness

This is another factor to consider. You’ll need a gaming monitor with high responsiveness if you are a competitive player. Generally, the response time should not be more than 5ms. But if you are just an average player, you need not bother about this.

5.                  Refresh Rate

The refresh rate of an average monitor is pegged at 60Hz speeds. Again, if you are a competitive player, you’ll need a refresh rate higher than the average to better your opponent. You should aim for a rate at about 144Hz or 165Hz. Higher refresh rate means you’ll enjoy a smooth operation of the gaming business.

6.                  Quad HD or 4K

No doubt, a 4k monitor allows for a more immersive experience than a monitor run on Quad HD. With 4K display, you get to witness action games like God of War in great colors and display. But it’s a matter of choice. Quad HD is not that bad either.

7.                  Panel Choice

Gaming monitors are in panels that are TN, VA, or IPS. TN is cheap and fast in response, VA is perfect for movies and … Read More..

Back to Classics, “WoW: Burning Crusade Classic” Interview with John Hight & Brian Birmingham

The existence of the World of Warcraft series as the most iconic MMORPG game over the last few decades has made Blizzard a prominent position in the gaming industry. In order to maintain this legacy, Blizzard has released the latest World of Warcraft Classic game as a new game platform for WoW fans. And it doesn’t feel like it’s been almost two years since it was officially released, now Blizzard has prepared new content for it through the Burning Crusade Classic expansion.

To dive deeper into the contents of the expansion, we’ve rounded up an exclusive BlizzConline 2021 interview with Executive Producer – John Hight and Lead Software Engineer – Brian Birmingham. You can see the full summary below.

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic at a Glance

As many fans know, Burning Crusade was the first expansion released for the original WoW game back in 2007, and Burning Crusade Classic is a reimagined version that brings the content of the expansion back to WoW Classic. The content that the expansion offers is very diverse and includes new areas to explore, two new character races to play, PvP Arena mode, flying mounts, new Raid and Dungeon challenges, Jewel crafting options, up to the level cap being increased to 70.

Of course, bringing the expansion that was released 13 years ago to the current era is not an easy task, because the developer must convert the game data to the latest format that is currently used as the basis for WoW Classic. Even though it ends up being an easier task, there are various bugs, fixes, and new improvements that must be brought along to create an expansion that can surpass the original material.

Comparison with the Classic Expansion

Because it includes the latest version of the old expansion, fans’ expectations for Burning Crusade Classic are of course also quite high, such as what new improvements it offers. Answering this curiosity, Brian said “One thing we discussed was the addition of Quality of Life (QoL) features, such as the ability to strengthen Blood Elves and Draenei from Level 1 with a pre-expansion patch so we hope players have enough time to reach Level 1 58 and enter the Dark Portal with friends”.

Although there is a desire to bring a variety of new changes to this expansion, the developers also prioritize a more authentic experience and can meet the expectations of fans, especially for those who want to return to nostalgia. Therefore, the focus this time is more towards adding features that make the playing experience more comfortable and the availability of stable server access. This is also because they think that WoW is a more suitable and fun game to play with friends.

The new content that is the main highlight of Burning Crusade is the Karazhan Quest, which allows players to get Karazhan for the first time. Through a series of new story mission players will be taken on an epic adventure through the WoW world from Khadgar to … Read More..

Tips on How to Improve Your Gaming Experience

Gaming is always an experience to look forward to. However, gaming on PC is different from console gaming; you will need to tweak some things on your computer to increase the performance and enhance your experience. You can always read about computer gadgets made in US on to know the products you will need to tweak your computer and where to get them. You need to be willing to invest the time though. Here is how to improve your gaming experience:

Upgrade your graphics drivers

Your graphics card is the major determinant of your gaming experience because if it is of less capacity, you cannot enjoy gaming. You can take your computer to the engineers to install the proper software. It is advised that you use the latest graphics drivers. Check the list of the built-in devices on your computer so that you would have an idea of what to go for. Also, don’t forget to overclock your graphics card.

Overclocking means running your graphics card beyond the default speed setting. As such, your gameplay won’t be stuttering when you expect a faster performance. If you notice that overclocking your graphics card won’t be as effective as you want, then you need to upgrade it. However, you can only do this on a desktop. Use a high-end graphics card for a better experience.

Look for great games

When buying PC games, you should be careful not to pay full price for it, except you are playing it on the launch day, because they often go on sale. There are countless strategies you can use to get great deals, for instance, you can buy a game when it is time for flash sales or on the last day of sale. Check out websites to help you track prices of Pc games across multiple websites so that you can build your wish list and make the best buying decisions.

However, know the duration of beats for each game so that you don’t buy more than you need. If you don’t like anything about the games you have, however, you can always use installable mods to tweak them. You can even use these mods to add modern features and missions to your games.

Get quality hardware

A personal computer  can provide a good gaming experience, no doubt, but there is more to what you will get when you connect hardware to your computer. For instance, the hardware provides more responsive and better controls. Get a good-quality mouse and keyboards; if you want better images, get a good monitor as well. if you want better audio quality, there are lots of headphones available in stores. Ensure that you get the hardware from trusted stores or websites.

Provide a backup for your saved games

If you don’t want to go through the stress of getting good games and saving them only to lose them to a hard drive fail, you need to backup your saved games. Not only does this help you … Read More..

Why Should Businesses Choose Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Web Hosting is now  one of the most preferred hosting platforms for many site owners. A Cloud Hosting service offers the right balance of price and performance to keep your website running at peak performance levels. No matter which Cloud Web Hosting plan you choose, you are assured of a stable and consistent performance for your website. A Cloud Host is a versatile platform that can handle a variety of server load levels. All Cloud Hosting providers ensure that their services keep performing seamlessly with regular maintenance and upkeep. There are so many obvious advantages to choosing Cloud Hosting for your website. But is it an ideal choice for businesses?

Let’s take a look at some reasons as to why businesses should choose Cloud Hosting to publish their websites.

It offers unbeatable performance

Cloud Hosting offers consistent performance, be it from a small hosting company or the best Cloud Hosting provider. It leverages the resources of multiple servers to ensure smooth performance. To top it all, almost all Cloud Hosting providers run their services on premium hardware and back it up with regular maintenance. Also, since Cloud Hosting maintains multiple websites over multiple servers, it keeps the costs down. In such a scenario, Cloud Hosting ends up offering an unbeatable combination of low price and high performance.

It is highly scalable

Cloud Hosting offers a unique setup of multiple servers in its hosting environment. This arrangement gives it the ability to scale up or down effortlessly. It can easily call upon additional resources when the situation calls for it. With resource scalability, Cloud Hosting can easily handle unexpected spikes in traffic. This is a useful characteristic for businesses who want their websites to stay up and running under the most severe of loads. It not only makes for a more consistent experience but also ensures that users have continued access to the website.

It has no downtime

Downtime is one of the biggest productivity killers in webs hosting. It is the amount of time a website crashes or remains unavailable to its users. A website which keeps crashing constantly offers a dicey user experience. A user is less likely to trust such a website. This is not good for businesses like eCommerce portals that conduct financial transactions online. If a user doesn’t trust you, you lose their business. Businesses can retain their credibility and customers with Cloud Hosting. Since your data is hosted across multiple servers, there is no downtime. If one server goes down, another takes its place.

Try Managed Cloud Hosting

A hosting environment is as good as its administrator. If businesses do not have the expertise to maintain a website or do not want to make that investment, they can opt for Managed Cloud Hosting. Managed Cloud Hosting is a bit more expensive but assures seamless performance. In this case, your hosting and website are maintained by your hosting provider who takes care of all the technical aspects of hosting. It assures your site’s … Read More..