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Things That Can Make You Know That You Have a Toxic Family Member

The meaning of the word toxic family member may be too harsh but it is the reality and most people suffer silently. Having a controlling family member is never good feeling and it is important that you identify behaviors such as neediness, criticism, manipulation and jealousy which describes such a person. Here is how to know that your health is being affected as a result of the negative feelings of your family members.

When you do not have any positive feelings around your relative, it may be an indicator that they are toxic. Any discussion that you have with your family member is likely to quickly degenerate into an argument and harsh words may be said which may affect your well-being. Some of the feelings such as guilty conscious, feeling ashamed had regretful and depressed around a family member shows that it is not worthy of your time to spend around them.

If you always find an excuse to run from the thought of meeting any of your family member then it is a sure sign that they are affecting your life negatively. As a human being most of the time you love to spend time with those who are special to you like your family members because of the uplifting moments that you share. Developing cold shoulders during any of the family interaction and failure to interact with them can be a sign that you are not getting along.

Adulthood requires that everyone to become responsible for their action and to manage their life effectively. You need to find ways to avoid any family member who is unable to control their lives and who requires constant attention from you as immediate family member.

You might think that emotional draining can only result from a romantic relationship but it also appears in the family relationships. The feelings of exhaustion and negativity once you have had a discussion with a family member is a sure sign that you are not having a helpful discussion. The top reason for feeling emotionally drained after a chat with your family member may be due to the constant negative attitude that is displayed in most of the talks.

When you experience the above highlighted feelings then it is a sign that your family member is the one causing your problems. You need to evaluate your relationship and also try to find out if you are the problem. Your well-being is necessary and you need to be honest about the situation, discuss it and come up with solution such as creating boundaries or warning them against introducing any topics that you do not like.

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