December 8, 2023


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Comparison Between Free Web Hosting Vs. Paid Web Hosting

Before talking about the free web hosting and paid web hosting you must know about the hosting Just like if you want to go somewhere you must know about the place and then you will find which way is easy and fast. 

So let me tell you about Hosting is where you can Host your blog or website and it will live on server And anyone can visit your website. Now let’s talk about the Hosting Types 

  • Free Hosting
  • Paid Hosting

You can get hosting for free from the sites which provide it for a free lifetime or Also you can go with paid hosting let’s discuss them one by one.

Free Web Hosting: As we all in Digital World where you will get everything in free and you can get Free Web hosting for Lifetime From many websites you don’t have to pay a single Penny to Anyone.

Paid Web Hosting: To earn or Build something new you have to invest in it. As if you want to build a blog or website with a nice experience you can buy Paid hosting. Paid web hosting is also provided by multiple Websites and on different Prices.

Which is best paid vs. Free Hosting?

We will discuss 5 Common things needed for Hosting for both Paid and free web hosting and then you can decide which is best for you ok? So let’s get into it.

  • Bandwidth 

The First thing which comes in our mind when we think about hosting is Bandwidth. In Free Web Hosting you will get Limited Bandwidth of hosting you can’t increase it by self but in Paid web hosting you can choose it by yourself which plan is best for you and how many bandwidths you want There is also unlimited bandwidth plans in Paid web hosting.

  • Search Engine Ranking

The Good Hosting you have the much your website or blog will Rank. Hosting really impacts your Website ranking and its major factor to rank a website for Google. In Free Web hosting your website will Rank slowly as in paid Web hosting its fast and reliable and Rank your website in Search engines Fast.

  • URL Difference

In Paid web hosting you can add any domain to your website hosting and there is no restriction for it but it another case of Free Hosting Some Companies which provides you free hosting Not allow you to Add custom domain On their hosting.

  • Live Support

If you have purchased the hosting then you will get live support from the company where you have bought the hosting they will help you to solve any queries regarding Hosting. And in Free Hosting Most of the websites not give you any live support and it’s hard to set hosting and all for beginners.

  • Speed up

With Paid web hosting your website speed is in your hands you can handle it manually but in a few web hosting you can’t handle it. 

  • Security

Security is a major concern for all Websites and in Free Web hosting you will not get SSL Certificate and without SSL Certificate your website is always at risk Hacker can easily hack your website. In Paid hosting, you will get a free SSL certificate which Protects your website also SSL certificate websites are Trusted in Google Algorithm and it’s Ranked faster in Google.

  • Site down or unavailable

In most of the cases with free hosting your site will go down or unavailable which impacts the website search engine ranking and user experience too. But paid hosting will not go down or unavailable most of the time. Also, you can’t fix it by yourself in Free web hosting.

  • Pricing

Free web hosting is free means you don’t have to pay any money but if we talk about Paid web hosting its price is different in different hosting sites provider. Price also depends upon your hosting plans. the average and popular pack of paid hosting are around 5$ per month. it’s not a large amount if you are serious about your website. You have to invest some money if you want a good result from your website.

  • Requirements to Buy Hosting

For free web hosting, you don’t need any special thing the only one Gmail id is needed for it. Go to any free web hosting website and create your account and get your free hosting. For paid web hosting you need Gmail id and one credit or debit card to pay money.

So these are the 9 common things Needed in hosting and as you have read above there are a lot of Restrictions in Free web hosting and in Paid web hosting you have all control in your hands. the customization becomes easy with paid hosting. also, check out VPS hosting

Conclusion: If you are a beginner and Don’t even know about hosting and all then you can go with free web hosting. You can do your experiments and learn everything. But if you are in the middle and have a website which is getting Few numbers of traffic. You have to Go with Paid web hosting. With Paid web hosting you will see Excellence Result and you will get more traffic.

We hope that we have solved your all problems and question related to Free and Paid Web Hosting.