October 2, 2023


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Cryptocurrency Prices: Top Crypto Assets

The crypto market is evolving, and numerous blockchain platforms and projects are launched over there. These are blockchain games and metaverses, crypto exchanges and DeFi platforms, etc. Crypto assets are largely used for investment and trading. The high volatility of price crypto allows for receiving significant profits from using different trading strategies. Some of them imply short-term investment and trading within one day, while others are meant for holding crypto for several weeks with the purpose of taking income in the end. The most common way to receive a profit on crypto is to buy it at a lower price and sell it when the rate grows. What does cryptocurrency price depend on? Here are some factors:

  • investors’ sentiment;
  • the market trend (where the market generally moves);
  • news background;
  • economic situation;
  • local regulators on crypto.

The government does not impact the crypto emission and prices, but it can impose restrictions on holding digital coins and trading. It decreases demand and, thus, reduces the rate. 

Another factor that must be considered when talking about crypto prices is emission. Coins with a limited emission have a higher demand, which supports their value. 

Top Popular Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is the leading crypto asset in terms of price, market capitalisation, and trade volume. As of early September 2022, its price is $19,912.68. Next comes Ethereum with a crypto price of $1,665.42; BNB coin ($281,88); Carano ($0,5005), Ripple ($0,3361), Solana ($33,24). These are the most popular crypto assets in the market, and experts consider them the most promising for long-term investment.

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