July 23, 2024


Your Partner in The Digital Era

How to Find the Best Poly Dating Sites Online

Being polyamorous is something that is not giving you a lot of options when it comes to sharing your interests. Not too many people out there are similar to you or better said, not too many of them are expressing this boldly and loud.

That’s why polyamorous persons mostly find their partners online. Dating sites are the best place to do this. However, not every web page is suitable for this group. See a list of these pages on this link.

Most dating sites are designed for monogamous persons. This simply isn’t giving enough options to express the feelings and the ideas of poly folks. They need a special place to share their feelings and that’s how specialized sites for them showed up on the internet.

However, poly people are not necessarily using only them. Everyone likes to find what’s best for them and that means connecting to straight monogamous pages is also an option if that’s beneficial. In this article, we’re talking about which sites are the best. Continue reading to find out, but first, let’s clear up what polyamory means.

What is polyamory?

From the old greek words poly which means many and amour meaning love, the word is a mix of both and stands for people who are opposite of monogamous. They don’t bound to one person and they are not hiding this kind of relationship either.

They are proud of what they are. They can be both hetero and homosexual or bisexual. They can be both in a relationship with men and women, depending on their preference. Basically, in today’s polyandrous people, there’s no rule about what is forbidden and what’s not. Unlike the standard monogamous relationship where a lot of unwritten rules float above the heads of the partners at all times giving them a feeling of being trapped and locked.

Where to look for love?

Before getting on some network, it’s best to research the subject. On the internet, you can find information about absolutely everything. There’s nothing that is happening in this world not to have info about it on some page.

This topic also has a lot of information online. There are articles and review sites that offer information about poly dating sites just like everything else. You’ll find numerous tips on where is the best place to hook up and set up a profile.

As you’d assume, the specialized sites are among the best but not the only place too. Global sites, like meetup or OkCupid who were made with a different idea can be highly beneficial to you. On meetup, for example, you can set up a meeting with someone who shares the same ideas as you are. It is widely spread in the bigger cities around the US so you can be sure that you’ll have success.

OkCupid is a social network for finding dates that poly people simply love. The reason for this is because the platform here offers setting up a profile that clearly speaks about the preferences of the user. You can create a profile with a visible relationship status which is polyamorous.

Even though regular people are often disgusted by these ideas, it’s your job not to pay attention to them and continue living life as you like it. There will always be those who are worried about what you do in your time, and there’s nothing you can do to change this, so don’t even try.


A Rolling Stone magazine article claims that there are around 4-5 percent polyamorous in the USA. That’s more than 12 million citizens. See the article here: https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-features/polyamory-bisexual-study-pansexual-754696/. That’s a huge number and there’s no reason to be afraid or ashamed about expressing this point of view.

Finding the perfect date and the ideal lover is not a right, but a necessity. Everyone must do whatever makes them happy in their life and there’s no argument about it. That’s why you need to do everything in your power to find love.

In this article, we told you about the options you have right now. Feel free to choose some of them and don’t settle until you find yourself in the right spot feeling love.