July 23, 2024


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Important Features and Benefits of cPanel Website Hosting

CPanel is a typical term in the web hosting niche. Whether you’re building a reseller web hosting business, or if you want to contain the growing traffic needs, cPanel hosting control panel or web hosting management Manager (WHM) is stress-free and easy to use a tool.

CPanel with Web Hosting Management is a powerful administrative tool for every web hosting or reseller hosting user. It allows you to instantly configure your account, get server backups, allow reseller account management, helps in file management, account security, and the number of other functions. It gives you access to all the organizational tools that lets you manage your server, client accounts, and business website easily.

The quantity of tools offered by cPanel web hosting represents an unlimited number of possibilities in which users can manage their website or server. The graphical user interface along with the automation tool clarifies the process of hosting a website. We have the most popular features of cPanel and have broken them down for you, you have to check them below:


You can easily access the multiple communication platforms and settings under this feature. Other features in which included the flexibility of creating email accounts, delete emails, email messaging, email filtering and filter creation, email forwarding, automatic spam blocking and many more.

File Management

With the file management feature, one can construct the entire information on a website on the server making file management easy and user-friendly. Other features and advantages in which included the multiple domains, a formation of subdomains, file backups, disk space data, FTP server entry rights, and many more features.

Domain Management

Domain management task can be done in a jiffy with this feature and also the Cpanel offers the root level site control of the website in a user-friendly way. The prime advantages of these features are that this is add domains, subdomains, parked domains while offering smooth management of redirecting command.

Script Editing

Another adaptable feature of cPanel is Script editing. It facilitates the user to control the Blogs, online chats, shopping carts, forums, etc.

Easy Server Management: For the more advanced users found on VPS and dedicated servers, command line scripts are available that lets you instantly configure, investigate server issues, and execute commands.

Some scripts included:

  • setupftpserver:Choose between pure-ftpd & proftpd or disable FTP
  • suspendacct: For automatic account suspensions
  • restorepkg: Restore account from a backup file
  • delpop: Removes email accounts over SSH
  • restartsrv_*: Restarts servers through SSH
  • Cpbackup: Allow system-wide backups

Advantages of cPanel

Following are some of the advantages of Cpanel features that have managed to the acceptance and popularity of cPanel for website management.

  • Modest and user-friendly Portability
  • Easy Affordability
  • Multi Feature-packed
  • Knowledge-based, therefore, the scope of improvisation is there.
  • Outstanding Compatibility