December 3, 2023


Your Partner in The Digital Era

Intel is building development on a useful new product for building even more substantial pc chips: glass

With the expanding need to have for computational electrical power and efficiency, processors are having bigger—much bigger. Even some of present-day gaming graphics cards thrust the boundaries of a small package, but they’re somewhat little-fry subsequent to AI accelerators and supercomputer chips. From right here on out, it really is all about cramming far more and more stuff—chiplets, memory, interconnects—onto a one processor. But there are restrictions to what is doable.

The boundaries usually are not just in how considerably you can things into a single silicon chip—that’s a challenge that slicing-edge method nodes, chiplets, and interconnects test to clear up. There is also what you put individuals silicon chips on to later on. This is called the substrate, and it’s what enables the silicon chip to communicate with a motherboard. In the case of some chiplet-primarily based processors, the substrate also acts as a way for the chip to converse to other parts of by itself.