April 12, 2024


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Interactive Marketing and its Role in Digital Marketing

In the digital transformation era in the current business realm, all business processes must be more practical and personal in increasing sales volume. All businesses will eventually be forced to change their patterns to digital, including their marketing. Using interactive videos that enable live-stream shopping platforms is one of the most efficient ways.

One of the marketing concepts in implementing a digital marketing strategy, which is carried out to market products, services, or introduce a brand, but still in order to fulfill the desires and needs of consumers, is called interactive marketing. The goal is that consumers can be directly involved in the buying and selling activities of a company.

In this article, we will focus on discussing interactive marketing and its role in digital marketing.

What Is Interactive Marketing?

Interactive marketing is a marketing tactic using engaging visuals or videos to engage your audience with your digital content. This form of marketing grabs your audience’s attention, delights them, and creatively presents your product or service.

Interactive marketing involves marketing initiatives derived from customer behavior and preferences. For this reason, interactive marketing markets products by evolving from traditional ways. A strategy centered on consumer needs, interactive marketing involves interacting with customer actions and trying to meet consumer satisfaction.

Interactive marketing can be interpreted as a marketing method, in which consumers are directly involved and expect a response from you as the owner of the company to meet their needs. Simply put, consumers convey what they currently need or want in the hope that the brand can fulfill these needs.

How is Interactive Marketing Implemented?

Interactive content is already considered effective in attracting consumer attention. The experience that results from the effect of content on each consumer is also different, so you as a business owner who wants to implement interactive marketing need to try several ways to implement this method.

1.     Interactive Videos

Many companies have proven the effectiveness of interactive videos in attracting consumer attention and that is why they can help increase sales. The fact is that in modern times, most people are more interested in seeing pictures, sounds, or watching videos, than seeing information that is only text.

Interactive videos here can also combine supporting features that allow consumers to interact directly, for example participating in games, answering quizzes, and so on. In fact, you can even hold auctions through the interactive videos that you do.

2.     Surveys and Quizzes

Holding interactive surveys or quizzes can be a place for consumers to provide feedback regarding the products or services that you will offer. This step is efficient enough to increase sales figures and has already been implemented by many companies.

This method can be bait for potential customers to be interested in trying a product or service. Try to provide a number of questions that allow your consumers to convey their assessment of your product. Or it could also be a customer satisfaction survey regarding the new product they expect. That way, it is expected that your business can always evaluate to achieve customer satisfaction.

3.     Customization

Many large companies have tried this method by including the consumer’s name on their product as one of the rewards for the loyalty given by the customer. Including consumers’ names or photos on limited edition products can be a separate reward for them to be more loyal to your product. Other consumers will also feel attracted to this advantage by trying to buy the related product. Most consumers will appreciate and will participate in marketing your product for free by uploading photos or videos through their social media platforms.

4.     Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is now a strategy for many big brands in the world to introduce products to consumers. One example is the use of 360-degree videos with several interactive elements. This technology makes it seem as if you can feel the sensation directly in it. Several well-known brands that have implemented this strategy are Oreo, IKEA, and Starbucks.

The application of interactive marketing today is one of the digital marketing solutions that must be implemented.