June 2, 2023


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Photo Of Twitter Office ‘Before And After Elon Musk’ Shocks Internet: “Where Are The Women?”

The photo highlighted a conspicuous absence of women from Twitter

Things at Twitter are not looking bright after nearly half of the workforce was abruptly fired while many employees triggered by Elon Musk’s “hardcore” ultimatum chose to resign even before the deadline. While Twitter’s mass exodus has been making headlines every day, a tweet by a YouTuber points towards another grave problem-gender inequality. On November 20, Lauren Chen took to the microblogging website to post a photo of ”Twitter before Elon vs Twitter after Elon”.  The internet was quick to spot the unusually low number of women among the employees left at Twitter.

See the picture here:

The first photo showed a healthy mix of employees of both genders at the Twitter office – this was before Elon Musk took over Twitter. The other photo highlighted a conspicuous absence of women from Twitter, after Mr Musk’s acquisition. A group of men, with only two women, can be seen in the picture, along with Mr Musk flashing a thumbs-up sign.

Interestingly, Elon Musk also shared the same pics from inside Twitter headquarters on Saturday. The photos were from the publicised ‘code review’ meeting on the 10th floor of Twitter headquarters where the “Chier Twit” had called all the coders of the company.

The tweet has gone viral, and many on social media took note of ‘the case of missing women’ at the Twitter headquarters. Several questioned why the images depicted a lack of gender equality among the Twitter workforce. Many also compared the scenario to ex-US President Donald Trump’s cabinet, which had only a handful of women.

One user sarcastically wrote, “Women had enough sense to leave the company with severance.” Another commented, ” All of the women are gone in the second photo.” A third wrote, ” Omg he removed all the women! ” A fourth commented, ” The blatant misogyny in these replies are why women in tech still have such a hard road to walk in 2022 Women can absolutely code and excel in any tech field, they’re just dissuaded at every turn by territorial, insecure, mediocre men.”

Others also started a race debate, emphasising that the team is now more culturally diverse because of more Asian employees. A user said, “Asia is well represented. Shocking that cultures who value hard work over much feels would stay.” Yet another questione, “Where are the black people?”

Meanwhile, Elon Musk is planning to fire more Twitter employees, this time targeting the sales and partnership side of the business after mass resignations among engineers two days ago, Bloomberg reported. Over the past few weeks, Mr Musk has also been firing those who oppose or disagree with him, often through public tweets.

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