July 18, 2024


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The Best Devices for a Smart Kitchen and Basement Design

Kitchen remodeling and basement finishing continue to top the list of favorite home updates, but what homeowners considered essential a few years ago may not even be included in today’s projects. If you follow any of the home improvement shows, it’s obvious that smart home technology is now incorporated into the majority of remodeling projects. So, which devices are current favorites?

Major Appliances

Smart refrigerators are now relatively common in many kitchen remodeling projects, but the latest versions make it even easier for homeowners to manage their food supply. Kitchen and home designers encourage homeowners to consider the newest technology when they’re exploring ideas for their new smart kitchen. Artificial intelligence, or AI, is coming to homes, with the newest refrigerators and other appliances now learning to think for themselves rather than simply responding to commands.

The range in an updated kitchen now works with users to make sure food is cooked properly, but most ovens and cooktops haven’t yet reached the levels of automation refrigerators enjoy. However, new ranges now include numerous features that enable cooks to prepare even the fussiest dishes easily. Temperature controls, for example, are far more accurate than in the past. Induction cooktops are now considered to be must-have appliances for many cooks, as they offer increased safety and faster heating than either gas or electric cooktops.

Countertop Appliances

While property owners can still opt for traditional countertop appliances that function as designed, modern smart countertop appliances are proving to be ideal for anyone looking for ways to prepare foods and drinks faster. Smart countertop ovens provide fast and easy ways to prepare a wide variety of dishes without having to heat up the entire kitchen. Some of the newest options actually scan packages to automate the preparation process. Users don’t need to do much but wait for the food to cook.

Far too many meals are ruined when ingredients are not measured correctly. While measuring cups are “close,” most serious cooks now use scales to measure ingredients. Today’s top smart scales not only measure ingredients accurately but also work with smartphone apps to help cooks substitute ingredients or change portion sizes. If you’ve ever grabbed the wrong measuring cup and ruined a recipe, you know how important accurate measuring can be.

Instant Pots have been around for a few years, and many homeowners now use them all the time. Smart WiFi-enabled Instant Pots take that appliance to the next level. Top-of-the-line models now use smartphone apps to control cooking. Users can even use Alexa to control the devices without having to interrupt another activity. If you’re dealing with kids or job duties, not having to go to the kitchen to check the device or change settings can be incredibly convenient.

Basement updates

For those who opt to re-do their basement, there are plenty of ways to incorporate smart home components.   A popular feature in today’s basement refinishing and remodeling projects is a home theater.  The advancement in the technology for home theaters gives homeowners so many options to suit their design needs. 

Surround sounds systems used to be the most popular choice for home theaters.  But, with the advancement of other types of sound technology, such as sound bars, consumers are starting to explore other options. Having high quality sound is within the reach of just about any budget, and can be installed relatively easily. 

Moving Into the Future Today

While it’s not always easy to picture what the future will look like, smart kitchen design experts know what trends are most likely to be in demand in the coming years. Design experts help clients determine which kitchen appliances should be considered when updating an aging kitchen. Since there are a number of major and countertop appliances now available, it’s also important to make sure the new kitchen’s design is configured to make the best use of those devices. Smart devices are designed to make life more convenient and easier for homeowners, so why not take advantage of the move toward smart appliances now? Contact a design expert today for more information.