June 21, 2024


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Want to make tech journalism even worse? Switch news editors with AI

A short while ago, it was reported on that Bild, Germany’s finest-advertising newspaper, is organizing to use AI technological know-how to replace some editorial roles in an exertion to minimize fees. If that doesn’t presently deliver chills down your spine, then stick with me below and you will shortly uncover out why that decision is so ghoulish.

There’s been a lot of discourse about the advent of AI technological innovation and how firms are working with it to minimize out staff members author positions from popular publications in the identify of expense-reducing. And there is also been a great deal of converse about the rampant plagiarism and potential internet site website traffic killing of Google’s ‘Search Generative Experience’ (SGE), which we can presently see how massively inaccurate and outdated its final results are for tech on your own, as it simultaneously steals written content and pushes down visibility on the tech web sites it steals its knowledge from.

These are all relevant, and give us a clearer picture of the dangers of haphazardly changing reliable and authoritative human resources with AI that just steals and recycles written content. Preserve in brain, these are issues that happen with AI ‘writers’ that most very likely continue to have human editors. Envision the chaos that would unfold if the practice of changing human editors with AI types turned common. Not only would this mean even much more lost employment, but would place countless publications at hazard.

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