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The best programming languages to study in 2022

Based mostly on task desire, Python is the leading language, adopted by Java, JavaScript, C++, C# and C, suggests CodingNomads.

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Just one of the challenges for persons pursuing a profession in programming is selecting which languages to study. With so quite a few languages utilized for distinctive reasons, deciding upon the ones you want to examine will count on the specialty that most pursuits you as very well as on job need. A report launched on Tuesday by programming system web page CodingNomads seems to be at the “greatest” programming languages for 2022.

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If you might be enthusiastic by the data and logic facet of coding, you might wish to master Python, Java, C, C++ or C#. If you happen to be jazzed about visible style and design and consumer interfaces, TypeScript might be up your alley. And if you happen to be hunting to acquire mobile apps, you’d want to test out Java for Android, and Swift or Objective-C for Apple’s iOS.

Apart from gratifying your individual experienced pursuits, you naturally want to select a language that is in need among the employers and claims a very good wage. In this regard, CodingNomads examined the most well-liked languages dependent on work postings and on wage.

On the lookout at the biggest amount of occupation postings on LinkedIn throughout the U.S. and Europe, CodingNomads awarded the top rated spot to Python. In second put was Java, with JavaScript, C++, C#, C, TypeScript, PHP, Perl and Ruby rounding out the top 10.


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Analyzing the average salaries of the most in-demand from customers languages in accordance to details from Indeed and Glassdoor, CodingNomads set Ruby in initial spot with an regular salary in the U.S. of $111,994. C++ came in next with a salary of $103,818. The other languages and their salaries were Python at $103,540, JavaScript/TypeScript at $100,492, Java at $96,786, C# at $89,203, PHP at $85,435, Perl at $83,159 and C at $82,924.


Impression: CodingNomads

TypeScript was not outlined individually due to the fact it experienced minimal salary info. But CodingNomads considered its salary comparable to that for JavaScript work opportunities. Also, these figures are considered common salaries and not what beginning programmers would gain. But prosperous coders can anticipate to meet up with or beat these salaries in a few of many years, according to the report.


As a common function, server-side language, Python is made use of for a wide range of tasks from easy scripting to sophisticated net purposes and artificial intelligence. For developers interested in knowledge science or machine finding out as perfectly as overall software growth and website development, Python is the very best language to study, according to CodingNomads.

“Although Python has been all-around for many years, the demand for Python skills in 2022 will continue on developing exponentially thanks to its use in the booming industries of info science, machine studying and AI,” mentioned Ryan Desmond, co-founder and direct teacher at CodingNomads. “In addition, Python is thought of one of the easiest, most powerful, and most functional languages to find out, creating it well-liked among providers, builders, and aspiring builders.”


A respected and time-tested language, Java is widely made use of by organizations all-around the planet. Java is the main language at the rear of Android, which owns an 85% share of the mobile sector. It really is also the most well known language for World-wide-web of Issues (IoT) devices.

Java is viewed as more difficult to master than Python but less complicated than C or C++, in accordance to CodingNomads. The main cause is that Java enhanced on C, and Python improved on Java. On the plus facet, when you master Java, mastering a thing like Python will be significantly a lot easier. Anybody who would like to pursue a job as a common application engineer or mobile developer and will not brain the challenge would do perfectly to examine Java.


Used on a lot more than 97% of the world’s websites, JavaScript permits you to set up dynamic and interactive content, animated graphics and other complex capabilities on the website. It is also the most well-liked language amid contributors on GitHub.

Not like the other languages included in the report, JavaScript is principally a client-side language in that it executes inside a web browser. However, it is really increasingly staying made use of on the server aspect with run-time platforms these types of as Node.js and Frameworks. Overall, JavaScript is the most effective language to study if you love coding for visible style and design and consumer interfaces.

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One well-known language described in the report is SQL. Not stated between the prime 10, as it is much more a querying language than a programming language, SQL boasted far more job postings than all the other languages on the record in each the U.S. and Europe. No issue what programming language you use, you can expect to normally use SQL to speak to databases. For that reason, learning this language is a great strategy for most software builders.

Whichever languages you choose to examine and pursue, CodingNomads presents an specifically practical piece of advice.

“While many of the languages on this listing would be great programming languages to find out, one of the most critical and impactful points you can do whilst studying to code is to master a person language actually effectively just before trying to learn yet another,” CodingNomads said. “If you try out to break up your time finding out many languages at once, it will choose you a extremely extensive time to get proficient at any of them. Whilst if you concentrate and get definitely excellent at one particular language, it will be a lot easier to select up supplemental languages in the foreseeable future.”

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